Ít’s time to resign’, Mugabe Vice President told

Zimbabwe’s Deputy President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been advised to quit. This advice came from former vice president of Zimbabwe Joyce Mujuru, following the recent attacks by President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace on the current deputy president. It has been reported in the local Zimbabwean publication that Mujuru urged the vice president to join the opposition parties’ ranks in dislodging Mugabe in the upcoming 2018 elections. ”As for Mnangagwa, it’s time to resign and openly join colleagues in the trenches of the electoral battle against this ill-fate dynasty. Free advice Cde Mnangagwa is that no matter how you hope to continue putting lipstick on a frog hoping that it will become a queen, it won’t.” he was quoted saying.

“At least such a courageous act would redeem some semblance of honour and dignity to Mnangagwa if at all any still remains,” he said. Mujuru also stated that the on-going attacks against Mnangagwa and those who supported him were “a free lesson”to all who are willing to learn the politics where the president and his wife used their supporters when it suited the conditions of the “Gushungo dynasty”.

Recent reports claimed that the Mugabes have accused the deputy president of fanning factionalism within Zanu-PF. They accused her of leading a calling itself “Team Lacoste” that aims to take over from the veteran leader.

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