‘I’ve never committed any crime’ – Zuma

Nkandla- Former president Jacob Zuma has insisted that he has never committed any crime.

Speaking in his hometown of Nkandla during his welcome home prayer session, which was organised by the National Interfaith Council of South Africa in partnership with the Commission for Religious Affairs, Zuma told the crowd that the only crime he committed was to fight against the apartheid regime.

He said, “Even at that time I didn’t commit any crime, I was fighting for my freedom. I spent ten years, six months (in jail) without any problem.”

Zuma said crimes he has been accused since 2005 have yet to yield any evidence and anything found to support the claims.

He said, “They investigated until they became tired because they couldn’t find anything.”

Zuma said his only fear was that sometimes judges convicted innocent people.

He added, “I’m not talking bad about judges, but we all know that sometimes it happens that they convict someone who hasn’t done anything but another court could come to a different conclusion.”

However, Zuma told those gathered at the venue that even though his accused of committing crimes, this did not scare him.

Zuma is expected to be in court on June 8 for the 16 corruption charges he faces, he said, “I’ve never committed any crime. There’s no criminal in my family. A criminal has never been born in my family. We are believers and we pray when we’ve committed any sins,”

“Whatever people say about my name, I don’t hear a thing. If they said I committed something that I did, I would have been stressed. That would have even showen on my face. I’m not corrupt. If someone says Zuma is corrupt, he is just saying it, Zuma is not corrupt,” he said.

Photo Credit- SowetanLIVE

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