Ivory Coast Announces that the child mortality rate has halved in 20 years

ADIDJAN- Ivory Coast has announced that the child mortality rates in the country has halved in 20 years, the planning and development minister said Monday.

Niale Kaba said this has been a contribution of a better and more accessible health care services.

He continued to say the possibility of an infant dying before turning one has dropped from 112 for every 1 000 births in 1998 to 60 per 1 000 in 2016.

Kaba said, “The mortality rate for under fives also fell from 125 per 1 000 to 96 per 1 000 during the same period,”

“These key results show an increasing improvement in several social indicators related to access to health care, education, and treatment for ailing children and women,” she said.

A UN report, Unicef singled out Ivory Coast over neonatal deaths saying they had the highest level of child mortality, with one baby in 27 dying in their first month of life.

In the same report Japan rates stand at 1 of 1000.

Photo Credit- Capital FM Kenya

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