Jackie Phamotse accused SA celebs of using witchcraft to gain success

Johannesburg – Controversial author Jackie Phamotse has accused some famous faces in the South Africa entertainment industry of using “witchcraft” and “snakes” to achieve success and wealth.

The author shared an IGTV Live video where she tackled dark matters regarding some of South Africa’s faves.

Making sure not to drop any names, Phamotse shared enough information to make social media users draw their own conclusions.

In the more than 60-minute video, she discussed a number of issues on her mind surrounding rich people.

“I’m not saying all rich people live like this, no. I’m saying there’s a small portion of people who live like this consistently.

“They will make you believe that they’ve got gigs, they’ve got endorsements.

“They will make you believe they are selling these products that are giving them millions.

“But behind that facade, there are four or five men who are funding this.

“They are consistently going to sangomas, they are consistently changing friends because the more the friends know, the trickier it becomes,” claimed Phamotse.

She made it clear she was not disregarding businesses such an online initiatives or clothing lines with her claims but said some celebrities’ riches don’t match up with what they show on social media.

“For example, if you’re selling clothes, it’s very rare to sell clothes that are worth half a million.

“And then you post in your car, your apartment, your shopping, you’re going to every party every weekend, you’re eating at expensive places all the time. It’s a bit difficult.

“So, when people say I’m a private person as there is a difference between private and secretive, they’ll never post their real partners, they’ll never post the person who swiped for those things, they will never post when they go to sangomas.”

Phamotse also claimed rich people even keep snakes in a room or a coffin that is kept shut.

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