Jackie Phamotse is back with her ninth book

“Bare IV:Mercy”, Jackie Phamotse’s ninth book, has finally been released.

The controversial book which gives readers an inside look at a less spoken about underworld in South Africa was released on May 1st.

Phamotse claimed that the novel was inspired by real-life events such as the murdering of children and the youth, as well as sex scandals involving South African politician.

“This book is part of the BARE series. The savage, senseless murders of children and the youth. It carries Treasure’s story from Book 1 and ends with the fight for life between Paul and Tim Morgan. We look at the disappearance of young people, human trafficking, cults and mental illness in men.

“This story is inspired by real-life events and researched data from global social ills and I look into South African political faces that have had sex scandals as part of my research,” she wrote.

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