Japan’s Abe, Trump agree to keep up pressure on North Korea

TOKYO-  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump have agreed to keep the pressure on North Korea, until they get rid of their ambition of nuclear weapons and missile programmes, the Japanese ministry said on Thursday.

In phone talks on Wednesday, the two leaders agreed that would be “no meaningful dialogue” unless North Korea agreed on “complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization,” the ministry statement said.

Abe told reporters after the phone talks, “Dialogue for the sake of dialogue would be meaningless.”

Moon Jae-in South Korea president has been pushing for dialogue and peace talks and a diplomatic solution. The nation is currently hosting the Winter Olympic games, with North Korea participating in some form of diplomacy by sending in their athletes to compete and high ranking officials to represent North Korea.

The South Korean president was offered by Kim Jong Un sister to meet with their leader in Pyongyang at the meeting at the Games, it is unclear if the Moon Jae-in has agreed to this meeting.

United States vice-President Mike Pence said on Wednesday that they are open to talks with North Korea but North Korea should not have terms or conditions for those to occur, they must give up their nuclear weapons.

Japan Foreign Ministry said, “Japan must be united with the international community to enhance pressure on North Korea to the maximum degree.”

Photo Credit- The Japan Times


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