Jason Rohde: ‘If I am an adulterer, am I a murderer?’

CAPE TOWN- Confronted with the question of why Jason Rohde’s family would believe his version of how his wife Susan died if he had deceived them all with his affair, he told the State on Thursday, “So are you saying if I am an adulterer, I am a murderer?”

On Thursday in the Western High Court, Prosecutor Louis van Niekerk grilled Rohde on his culpability, during the second day of cross-examination in his trial.

At first Rohde’s wife’s death was treated as a suicide but Rohde was later charged with her murder and accused of staging her suicide in the bathroom of their hotel room at Spier wine estate on July 24, 2016.

Rohde has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Van Niekerk has highlighted that some family members questioned his story to police just hours after his wife’s death.

Western High Court previously heard how some family members such as Rohde’s father-in-law checked the bathroom door and mechanism as well as Rohde’s hands as they sat in an adjacent hotel room on the day of Susan’s death.

According to Rohde, he said on Thursday that the police told his family he was culpable for murder and their mixed emotions “were completely fueled” by his father-in-law.

“If that was my daughter, I would react exactly the same. But that’s not the point.”

Van Niekerk than asked Rohde who told his father-in-law he was responsible for Susan’s death, Rohde quickly corrected himself and said his father-in-law was not told but when he could of obvioulsy been influenced by police officers outside and was “led to believe” that.

Van Niekerk  then made an astonishing statement saying his brother-in-law testified that Rohde told him over the phone, “I killed her, I killed her.”

“In a moment of weakness, you spoke the truth. You did kill her,” said van Niekerk.

However Rohde replied that this was not true.

He said he killed her indirectly as a result of his affair but he didn’t murder her.


Photo Credit- News24

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