CAPE TOWN – Alleged wife killer Jason Rohde has testified he repeatedly told his wife he was done with their marriage on the night prior to her death.

Rohde said they had been fighting about his extramarital affair with a colleague, while attending a company function at the Spier Hotel near Stellenbosch in July 2016.

Rohde is accused of strangling his wife Susan Rohde to death but he claims she committed suicide by hanging herself with a hair iron cord in the bathroom of their hotel room.

He explained how the argument between himself and his wife got more intense as he tried to leave the room. He says Susan Rohde tried to prevent him from leaving.

He continued to describe how both of them pushed and pulled at each other, as he tried to leave and his wife trying to stop him.

Rohde further detailed how he moved out of her way, he was careful to show that he didn’t push her to the side.

Rohde demonstrated to the court how he used his forearm to move her arm out of the way, when he did this, he claims the soft side of his arm connected with her face.

He said after that he left the room, Susan followed him as he tried to leave, and the argument proceeded , with his wife calling him a “cheat”.

The accused said he left, went to a colleague’s room , where he met with his mistress and another co-worker who was also present.

According to Rodhe his wife proceeded to follow him there, shouting at him to leave immediately.

They continued to bicker and as she grabbed him from behind, he swung his arms to try to knock her hands away.

He claims during this altercation his elbow knocked her nose by accident.

Photo Credit- EWN

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