JMPD denies reports that officers must buy their own masks

Johannesburg – The Johannesburg Metro Department has denied reports that officers have to buy their own masks during the Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa.

Wayne Minnaar, JMPD spokesperson said on May 1 that the department received 5,000 masks from a non-governmental organisation.

He said,, “every officer” who was on duty on that day each received two masks.

A further 500 masks were donated to JMPD on May 2, Minnaar said. He added that two later they received a donation of 20,000 masks and six boxes of sanitizer.

“MMC for safety in Johannesburg, Molly Mokoena, has personally intervened with regards to wrongful allegation that officers were told to buy masks.

“She withdraw a communiqué for the purchase of masks because there was no need for this purchase. JMPD officers now have more than enough masks, sanitisers, and gloves.”

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