JMPD nabs 200 ‘drunk’ drivers over #EasterWeekend

JOHANNESBURG – The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) said on Monday that as many as 200 drunken drivers were arrested and eight night clubs raided over the the Easter long weekend.

Wayne Munnar spokesperson for JMPD said, “Six of these clubs were given fines which ranged between R500 and R1,500 for not complying with emergency safety by-laws,”

He added,”A bag containing dagga [marijuanna] and nyaope was confiscated and a twenty year old male was arrested for possession of drugs.”

Widely known as Nyaope, but also called Whoonga, is a unique South African street drug that is highly addictive and has destroyed lives.

The drug is a fine white powder normally a mixture of marijuana (dagga) and smoked. The white powder can be made with a variety concoctions, ranging from rat poison, heroin, detergent powder or anti-retro-viral drugs.

Minnaar said there is a specific club in de Villiers Street, in Johannesburg, which had to be closed because of non compliance of emergency safety by laws and shutdown for safety reasons.

He further explained, “Members of EMS [emergency medical services] and the Liquor Board were part of the operation which started at 8pm and ended at 2am.”

He also warned that JMPD would continue to be on the lookout for offenders on the country’s roads and more arrests were expected.

Photo Credit-eNCA

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