Johannesburg Youth Orchestra joins Vicky Sampson for rendition of ‘African Dream’

Johannesburg – The Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company (YJOC) has joined forces with veteran singer Vicky Sampson to keep the nation’s spirits up during the Covid-19 pandemic with a rendition of her hit classic African Dream.

CEO of the JYOC Etienne Mecloen said they wanted to share some feel-good, inspirational music with the country and the world as a whole during this difficult time.

“The African Dream video- even when I spoke to Vicky about doing it – was always meant to be an inspirational, dedicated to the people of Africa. To kind of remind people, who we are. I shared the video together with the famous ‘I Am An A African’ speech by Thabo Mbeki because at a time like this, a reminder is really important,” said Mecloen.

“Each young musician learnt the music, then recorded themselves and sent the videos to me to edit and combine them. It is truly a ‘feel good’ thing for us and the people who listen. Vicky was only happy to be part of the initiative and we’re hoping to get many more professional singers on board for the next videos of our lockdown project.”

Mecloen added that since the global pandemic hit, the organisation has been struggling financially. The organisation needs money to stay afloat and the kids also needed help with various things.

While hoping the video will help the organisation financially, Mecloen also said that making the bus was therapeutic for them.

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