Johnny Clegg Opens Up About Struggles With Cancer

The legendary musician, Johnny Clegg opened up about his struggle with cancer as well as his final world tour, at an intimate press gathering on Thursday.

The singer has suffered from pancreatic cancer, which is lethal. He explains, “These shows are hard for me. I’m dealing with another parallel world that I work in with y diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is lethal. There’s no way out of it.”

The singer added that he has two bouts of chemotherapy after being diagnosed in 2015 and has been attending 6 months long chemotherapy since then. “I came back in 2016 from my American tour and my cancer tumour count in my blood was up, and a month later it doubled. Now, doubling means that there’s a problem. So I went for an MRI and they found two lymph nodes that have just swelled up. And they said, ‘well we’re gonna have to put you in the atom bomb (another form of chemotherapy). So I have six months, I came off it in February”

Johnny also has multiple surgeries around his pancreas, removing half his pancreas, bile duct and a gall bladder to reduce the spreading and multiplication of the tumours. After realising he doesn’t know how long he has, and decided to share his last memories on a world tour with his fans.

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