Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial

The defamation case brought by actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard is ongoing and will likely take weeks to conclude.

But what preceded the case?

The former couple’s relationship started more than a decade ago, and eventually devolved into what appears to have been a toxic marriage.

The couple split in 2016, but have continued to battle in court over an op-ed Heard wrote for The Washington post in 2018, in which she described surviving domestic violence – but did not mention Depp by name.

Depp is suing for $50 million in damages and denies ever being physical with Heard. Heard is countersuing for $100 million and claims she was only ever violent with Depp in self-defense or defense of her younger sister.

Social media has become a frenzy, devouring sound bites, evidence and clips of the courtroom. Depp spent four days testifying, and many celebrities are listed in court documents as potential witnesses who could be called to testify, including James Franco and Paul Bettany.

The trial, which is being held in Fairfax County, Virginia, is expected to take weeks.

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