Judith Sephuma Responds to Solomon Ashoms Rude Accusations

Is Solomon Izang Ashoms a journalist or a persecutor of pastors, musicians and public figures?

Much acclaimed musician – Judith Sephuma took to her Facebook page in response to defaming and deragatory statements made against her by the journalist (Solomon Izang Ashoms) infamous for lying about  figures to gain fame.

Good morning everyone, I am witting this note that is inspired by Solomon Izang Ashoms of Parable Magazine. This is to clarify a lot of confusion that is circulating about my not so recent decision to divorce. I don’t mean to cause more confusion . Solomon I laughed reading all your comments and how you are confusing everyone including me. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time about the decision I made to divorce after 10 years. I was NOT divorced, “I” divorced for reasons that have nothing to do with another man as you and others put it. This is a marriage that didn’t work between 2 people. I DECIDED. I am at the best place I have ever been and if God intended for me to stay unhappy he would have still kept me in it.

We don’t marry to divorce, I am agains it completely. Divorce is not a good thing as it affects those involved very much. Christian or not.

I confirm that WE have NEVER had an open marriage. We respected each other through to the very last until I couldn’t stay married anymore. My decision my responsibility. I am only responding to make your life easy so YOU can sleep peacefully at night. Open marriage is a no no for me. Solomon you are very famous for being a sad story and that’s sad as a man of God.

Go ahead and share this comment but you will never be happy as long as you keep hurting people, men and women of God with lies and un factual stories.

If I were to open my mouth and share my life with you, you will be humbled and realize that I am a human being and as normal as anyone else.

In any relationship it takes two people to make it work. I wake up every morning knowing that this decision is the best I made.

To also clarify for the last time, I have NEVER been married before, this was my first marriage and my first divorce. As Christians we will have challenges that we will overcome only by the grace of God. Nothing will change who I am in Christ. It’s Him I have to answer to NOW and when the time comes. I live my life as best as I know how by his Mercy. People have said I must not comment but I felt I needed to clarify.

I am not one to put my life out there like this as this divorce thing to me… is not important. We have so many important issues affecting us right now that we can spend time and dwell on. NOT THIS. I felt I needed to clarify a lot of lies and confusions that my fans and friends are experiencing right now. After this I will not entertain any comment from media or anyone.
My response from now Is NO COMMENT! I am saying this with respect to all who are reading this.

Note that I am not mentioning his name out of respect to him and my family. Kindly give us space to deal with things.

If you want to find out more I am on Trend SA today at 12pm to 1pm.

PS: To any woman out there that has brought me or another woman down and called us names in words on this platform or any other platform. It is well.

Do not judge my story by the chapter YOU walked in on!


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