Jurgen Klopp admits ‘lack of concentration’ cost Liverpool despite dominant performance at Arsenal

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp acknowledged that sloppy mistakes at the back cost his team three points against Arsenal on Wednesday night.

The Reds took the lead through Sadio Mane, but it was Virgil van Dijk and then Alisson Becker who both gifted chances before the break which the home side scored from to secure a 2-1 win.

However, a second-half onslaught didn’t bring further rewards for the new Premier League champions, but Klopp chose against deriding his team’s mistakes, instead pointing out the dominance they enjoyed.

“Twice, [a] massive lack of concentration [cost us], we took a break after we scored the 1-0,” the manager told Sky Sports at full-time. “We were just brilliant, we had 24 shots to three, that’s incredible. but these two moments killed the game for us.

“Arsenal had no real chances, just a shot in the last seconds. So we did a lot of things well but you cannot win games when you concede goals like this.”

When asked why Liverpool made the mistakes when they have had a tight defence all season, Klopp suggested it was mote to a momentary group mentality rather than players switching off entirely now the title was secured.

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