K Naomi slams blogger trying to drag her into alleged love triangle

Media personality K Naomi has refuted she failed to invite her former close friend and influencer Tshepi Vundla to her wedding on Sunday due to their supposed past fallout.

For years, the two stars have been known to have a close friendship.

TrueLove Magazine reported in 2016 that the two friends were involved in a spat at an upmarket club in Johannesburg over a man.

A local Twitter user took to Twitter to speculate the alleged drama had caused K Naomi to distance herself from the influencer and not invite her to her wedding.

“K Naomi snubs ex-best friend Tshepi Vundla for wedding invitation. A couple of years back K Naomi dated JR and was friends with Tshepi. Tshepi secretly hooked up with JR because of K Naomi’s busy schedule and Tshepi fell pregnant with JR’s child and kept it a secret. Allegedly,” he said.

In a post that has now been deleted, K Naomi damned the claims and said she wouldn’t let the Twitter user spread false reports about herself or Tshepi.

“Shame you decided to mess with the wrong person today. And I’m not going to let you pass around false rumours or drag Tshepi or I. But carry on, let’s see where this ends,” she wrote.

K Naomi tied the knot with her fiancée Tshepo Phakathi in a traditional ceremony on Sunday.

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