Kenny Kunene Shot In Norwood

UPDATE: Less than a week ago controversial businessman, Kenny Kunene was involved in a shooting in Norwood. Following up on the story, it is believed Kunene and another occupant, were followed by another vehicle. Speaking to Morning Live this morning, Kunene said he and the female occupant were cornered and blocked by a Lexus SUV as they were driving from a garage and the shooting began. The man shot into his BMW vehicle and quickly left the scene. He managed to get out of the vehicle and got help from people in the neighbourhood who had heard gun shots. They helped by calling the police as both victims were still in shock. When police arrived, they discovered that 13 shots were made into Kunene’s vehicle. Mathapelo Peters from the police says “We are working with what has been reported to the police. We will be taking statements, so we cannot comment on the details of what transpired that will form part of the investigation.” Kunene and the passenger have yet to make statements to the police about the shooting. The editor is said to be the journalist involved in revealing the alleged affairs of Deputy President Cryil Ramaphosa. It appears that neither Kunene nor the female occupant was injured in the shooting. No details other than the suspects were driving in a Lexus vehicle have emerged. A complete police investigation is underway

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