Kenya wait for a presidential re-run

Nairobi – The board election of Kenya is expected to come to a decision on Monday. The board is expected to make a decision on whether to reschedule a vote in flashpoint opposition areas, where a boycott sparked violent protests, or to go ahead and accept Uhuru Kenyatta as their president.


Supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga, who called for an election boycott, managed to prevent hundreds of polling stations from opening, prompting violent clashes with police which continued for several days, leaving nine dead and scores injured.


With the counting almost done after Thursday’s presidential re-run, the results remained on hold as officials are still deciding on  what to do about the 25 constituencies in four western counties where voting was blocked.


This has been said to be the worst political crisis Kenya has faced. At least 49 people have died since the first presidential election of August 8.


For many months in 2017, Kenya has been embroiled in this struggle for power.  And this has made its citizens and  international communities concerned about the future of Kenya’s stable democracy.


Plans to giver voters in the western region a chance to  vote  on Saturday were quickly called off after a second day of protests, over fears for the safety of polling staff as well as the voters.

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