Kenyan Elections Update

NAIROBI – The Kenyan elections are coming up soon with just a few weeks before the Kenyans vote for their next president.

The contenders held talks with the electoral body on Tuesday to discuss matters pertaining to the elections to be held on the 26th of October.

The main oppositions showed signs of softening its rough stance on major reforms before the repeat voting takes place.

The Zimbabwean newspaper Herald reported that the Supreme Court took unprecedented steps to nullify the results of the presidential voting that took place on the 8th of August.

There were illegalities and irregularities that were cited.

The talks for the up coming elections took place between the presidential candidate, Raila Odinga and members of his opposition, the National Super Alliance as well as the chair of the independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The talk was also attended by Deputy President William Ruto.

Chebukati was happy to report that most issues had been addressed pertaining the procurement of key election material.

Changes in line with the law shall be made to ensure that the votes are accurate and fair.

This followed after the public had put intense pressure on the electoral body and its suppliers about the material used during the nullified polls.

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