Kenyan mother loses two boy babies

Nairobi – On Sunday a Kenyan woman gave birth to her naturally conceived quintuplets, but she lost 2 of her first babies just after giving birth. This took place in a small town in the west of Kenya.

According to a research conducted by experts, there is a one in 60 million chances of female falling pregnant with 5 babies. This can happen without hormone treatment.

The 30 year old Kenyan mother, Jacintah Akinyi is said to have started delivering at home.

John Malago who is a director of the Hospital where Akinyi was admitted said “started delivering at home. By the time she arrived at this hospital, she had two babies that had passed on.”

Akinyi further gave birth to a third baby boy and 2 baby girls. It is also said that all her 3 babies weigh between 1.6 and 1.9 kilogrammes.

Malago also went on to say according to findings and reports Akinyi has never attended any appointments or consult with any Doctor throughout her 9 months of pregnancy.

This 30 year old female is already a mother of 4 children, she lost her fifth child in an earlier pregnancy.

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