Kenyans outraged over high cost of fuel

Kenyans online have expressed their outrage following a rise in the cost of fuel.

The country’s energy regulator Epra, which sets fuel prices, announced an increase in petrol prices to over 130 shillings ($1.2) per litre – the highest so far.

Petrol prices have been rising steadily in the country as a result of the global increase in crude oil prices as well as from increased taxation locally.

In the last two months, however, the government has compensated fuel marketers in order to keep the prices unchanged.

On Tuesday evening, Epra announced an increase in petrol prices across the country, including a 6% rise to 134.72 shillings in the capital Nairobi. The new prices took effect on Wednesday.

Fuel is one of the biggest contributors to a high cost of living – as manufacturers and producers pass on the higher transport and energy costs by increasing prices of consumer goods.

“You cannot sustain an economy by inflicting more pain on the common citizen (increased cost of living}. Sooner rather than later the camel’s back will break,” said Chibanzi Mwachonda.

“[The cost of] water is going to go up, fuel has gone up like crazy, electricity definitely is up, fare is up this morning, food stuffs have gone up…” another Kenyan wrote.

“Absolutely crazy. Unreasonably exorbitant. We’re doomed – motorists, businessmen and travellers all alike,” said another.

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