Kgalema Motlanthe is NOT for #BlackMonday

Johannesburg – Former president Kgalema Motlanthe criticised the #BlackMonday racial protests, on Tuesday evening in Johannesburg.

“These approaches seek refuge in the past with a dogged refusal to recognise the successes made in our democratic area. They are curiously unaware of their repetition of colonialism and apartheid… viewing the past as a greener pasture and even adopting its symbols,” Motlanthe said.

During the Suzman Memorial Lecture, the former president delivered his address titled Generosity of spirit, power and privilege in politically uncertain times. In his address he stated that there was still an element of “us and them” between black and white people of South Africa.

“The past is still being resurrected and the future is being shaped”, he continued, “instead of turning away from uncertainty, we have to embrace its lessons.”

His address also praised Helen Suzman for being a South African that represented the values of the Parliament in the chambers of the old. “Present times require that we use our passions of privilege to effect change in spaces where we hold influence, from grassroots to boardrooms, Parliament and political rallies…”

Kgalema defined 2017 as the year of definition considering racism and developing democracies or we will always look back to see it as a year we overcome corruption, conceit, deceit and greed.

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