Khanyi Mbau on Lasizwe’s Arthur Mafokate photo: ‘He’s a child, forgive him’

Arthur Mafokate and Lasizwe. Picture: Twitter

Local TV personality Khanyi Mbau came to her younger brother’s defence after Laziswe was also slammed for taking a snap with disgraced muso Arthur Mafokate.

Sunday Twitter took no prisoners after pictures of Lasizwe and actress Nomzamo Mbatha snaps with Arthur Mafokate were posted online.


Arthur Mafokate and Lasizwe. Picture: Twitter


Mbatha received the brunt of the criticism, however, YouTuber Lasizwe didn’t get away unscathed.

Twitter user @SbohSibisi tagged Lasizwe is a tweet saying: “@lasizwe is actually retweeting tweets of people calling Nomzamo out lol”.

Mbau then saw this and replied with “He is a child, when an adult calls him for a picture it would be hard for him to decline! I don’t think he meant any harm but just being a child. It was a moment of ignorance. Forgive him”.

Tweeps were not impressed by her statement, with many pointing out that using the child argument is not valid since her brother is turning 21 this year.


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