Khoisan activists accuse Zuma of lying

JOHANNESBURG –  Khoisan activists on Sunday gathered outside the ongoing ANC conference in Nasrec with placards urging president Jacob Zuma to focus less on politics and more on people.

They are calling for the president and the ANC delegation as a whole to stop excluding masses of South Africa and also to stop institutional racism.

They also accused the president of lying, by telling the majority black people that the land belongs to them.

“We (Khoisan people) are the first indigenous people to fight against colonisers but we are not recognised, our language is not official,” said one activist “Jacob Zuma keeps saying the land belongs to the blacks, but we all know that’s not true.”

According to Joseph Daniel Marble from the Khoisan Mass Movement, the Khoisan are the owners of South Africa land but they have been side-lined in the push for land reform.

“Remember, we welcomed the Nguni people to this country. We welcomed the white people to this country. We are not racist. We just want our rights to be acknowledged,” said Marble.

Last week, a small group of Khoisan marched to the Union Buildings where they hoped to meet president Jacob Zuma or his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa to hand over their memorandum in person.

Although they stressed that they are not trying to chase anyone away, they said they will keep protesting until their demands have been put into consideration.

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