Khulubuse Zuma Migrates to United Arab Emirates

JOHANNESBURG – Last year Khulubuse Zuma entered an agreement with Pamodzi Gold Group on which it is reported that he has defaulted an installment on.

It is believed that he has left the country to now live in United Arab Emirate as a means of neglecting the agreement.

Khulubuse Zuma has confirmed to Solidarity General Secretary Gideon Du Plessis in a phone call on Thursday that he will still be living in South Africa but has also moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Kulubuse Zuma was the chairman of the Aurora Empowerment systems which agreed to buy the Orkney and Grootylei mines.

Instead of buying the mines they stripped them of all their assets and did not pay the workers.

This all happened when the Aurora Empowerment systems managed the mines in 2009 to 2010.

Kulubuse Zuma has agreed to pay about R23 million but had only paid between R9 million and R10 million in July but nothing more since.

This was then followed with his migration which is why there are these suspicions that he may be running away from it all.

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