Kim vows to make N. Korea ‘strongest nuclear power’

SEOUL – North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has vowed to make North Korea the “world’s strongest nuclear power,” state media reported Wednesday.

Recent months in North Korea have been marred with a flurry of missile launches and nuclear tests which have rattled the international community.

Speaking to workers behind the recent test of a new missile Pyongyang on Tuesday, the Korean leader recognised and applauded their work adding that his country “will victoriously advance and leap as the strongest nuclear power and military power in the world.”

State news agency KCNA also reported that Jong-Un was responding to global powers who are accusing him of fuelling global alarm through his weapons and nuclear programme.

A month ago, the North Korean leader also warned the United States to stop infringing in the business of his country, adding that failure to do so “war is unavoidable”

The US is amongst global powers backing for stringent economic and diplomatic sanctions on the North Korean government so as to halt its nuclear drive.

South Korean president Moon Jaen is also among leaders who are vocal against Jong-Un’s escalated nuclear drive, and has also called for global powers to join hands and “Tame” the totalitarian state.

Global powers are fearing a catastrophic conflict with the nuclear-armed regime if the North Korean government and the United States government fails to make peace in time.


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