Kim Wall death: Inventor Peter Madsen goes on trial

Copenhagen- Danish inventor Peter Madsen is due to go on trial over the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his homemade submarine last August.
Madsen faces charges including murder, dismemberment and “sexual relations other than intercourse of a particularly dangerous nature”.
He denies murdering her after she boarded the vessel in pursuit of a story, but admits cutting up her body.
Around 40 witnesses are set to give evidence over the next few weeks.
The prosecutors will attempt to fill in the gaps in an already horrific puzzle of details surrounding the 30-year-old’s death.
Remains of the journalist’s dismembered torso were found by a cyclist on a nearby beach 1o days after she disappeared following an interview with Peter Madsen on his submarine. Police divers discovered other parts of her body in plastic bags weighed down with metal, weeks later.
Madsen told the police she had died when a heavy hatch on the submarine fell on her heard. He later changed the story and maintained she has had been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning inside the submarine while he was up in deck.
If found guilty Madsen, 47, is likely to get a life sentence or be sent to a secure psychiatric hospital.
Ms Wall had a long journalism career, having previously reported from North Korea, South Pacific, Haiti and Uganda, and wrote for New York Times, Vice, Guardian and the South China Morning Post.
Photo Credit- Business Insider UK

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