King Madzikane II: I went against what Khusela said about PPE contract

Johannesburg – King Madzikane II says he initially went against his wife’s advice to pull out of the personal protective equipment (PPE) tender process.

The king told media that he signed the contract with the Gauteng government without consulting her.

He added that when she expressed concerns about a conflict of interest, he asked for the contract to be cancelled.

On Wednesday, King Madzikane II and his wife Khusela Diko issued a statement to clarify the circumstances around the PPE contract.

“She was uncomfortable initially, and I went ahead against what she had said. Later on she came back and said: ‘Look, I insist that you must not go ahead with this contract because I am in the office of the President, I am in the employ of the state’. And then I had to consider that,” read the statement.

The couple said the decision to get into business with government was an error of judgement.

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