Klawer mom desperate for answer following son’s murder

Cape Town – A Klawer mother is desperate for answer regarding her son’s murder.

Jerobejin van Wyk was killed earlier this month.  A man linked to the killing of the teenager is in custody.

The 13-year-old’s mother, Triesa van Wyk, has been asking why her son was killed and what were his final words before he died?

Family spokesperson Mathilda Bains said that the woman would not find closure until she received an explanation.

“She also wanted to know can someone just take her to Smit, which shows me she did not come to terms, really, she wants to ask him what he did to her child,” said Bains.

Jerobejin was laid to rest in the West Coast town on Saturday where scores of relatives, friends and community members gathered at the Klawer Community Hall to bid him a final farewell.

Daniel Smith, who’s been arrested for the killing, returns to court in April.

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