Kobus and Louisa Koekemoer await trial for child murder charges

Pretoria – Kobus and Louisa Koekemoer are to face their murder trial of 3 year old Poppie. The little girl was allegedly seriously assaulted on the 25th of October in 2016. Poppie died of injuries from a beating and died upon arrival at the hospital.


The hospital staff alerted the police after Kobus the stepfather brought in the little girl. He was arrested at the hospital. Louisa was also arrested when she could not explain to the investigating officer her various versions of the incidents.


Poppie’s mother Louisa made a statement as a State witness against her husband. Although Poppie’s body had injuries of assault with a blunt instrument, Louisa says that her husband hit Poppie’s head against a cupboard and kicked her in the stomach.


The couple is also facing other offenses that include assault with the intention to kill as well as child abuse. Poppie is not their only victim. The trial is set to take place soon and could be a lengthy trial because of the offenses and the different statements and evidence that has been brought forward.

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