JOHANNESBURG- Some shop owners selling kota meals in Alexandra have told Eyewitness News (EWN) they are struggling to keep their doors open after Sunday’s announcement of listeriosis  found in polony.

The health department announced that selected Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken products have been recalled and been removed from the shelves after a ST6 strain of listeriosis was found in a Enterprise manufacturing plant in Limpopo.

EWN has reported that some shop owners in Alexandra such as Bongiwe Maseko who works in her family’s restaurant, Good Hope, which has been popular for the past 30 years, said that regular customers are refusing to buy from their shop.

Even though they don’t use the identified food manufacturers with listeriosis.

Maseko says although they don’t use the polony from the two identified food manufacturers, regular customers are refusing to buy kota’s with meat.

“I haven’t had a lot of customers, my bread goes to waste.”

Faith Mashigo’s Mbopha Kota restaurant not far from Good Hope said that school children who use to buy from her no longer do so.

“They were actually screaming that ‘Don’t go to the shop because there’s polony there, you’ll die,” she said.

Some businesses are worried that they wont be able to pay employee salaries if business does it improve.

Photo Credit- Mzansi Taal

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