Land public hearings: Black people can farm

Black people can farm and make productive use of the land.

This was the message from several speakers at the Constitutional Review Committee’s public hearing in Welkom on Tuesday on the amendment of the Constitution’s property clause.

This, while a common theme among those opposing the amendment was that it would affect food security and that the land would not be productive.

“We think the very same land they (white farmers) are making economically viable, we will make economically viable,” Simbiso Mashilu said.

Willie Prinsloo said he was a white farmer who trained black farmers. Two of the farmers he trained have been nominated for Grain SA’s Farmer of the Year. He doesn’t support expropriation without compensation.

“The problem with farming is that it is very capital intensive.”

Without title deeds, farmers will not be able to obtain the large amounts of financing required, he said.

“We must take hands. We need to be very careful with what we are doing now,” he said.

“We never said we want to build shacks on the land,” another speaker added. “Give us our land and watch us prosper.”

He also said black people were educated and that they have worked the land.

“We have knowledge. We will survive,” another speaker said.

Article sourced from News24

Photo Credit- Lowvelder

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