Land Reform Public forums continue in Upington and Mokopane- Lekota and Malema get into heated argument

LIMPOPO- With the first two public hearings into the possible amendment of section 25 of the Constitution complete, the majority of participants have come out in favour of changing the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

Public hearings before the Constitutional Review Committee are expected to resume on Thursday, they will be held Upington, Northern Cape, and the other in Mokopane, Limpopo.

The first public hearings were held in Marble Hall in Limpopo and majority of them wanted the Constitution amended and those against it were heckled.

The hearing was attended by EFF leader Julius Malema and COPE leader Mosiua Lekota who exchanged heated words during the debate, Malema said of the incident, “I said to him ‘as a member of Parliament you are allowed to chair, if you think its staged, take a mic and choose people yourself because I also do the same thing. When I see people, I say chair, recognise that person.”

“He must not be telling the chairperson who to point at and secondly how long he can talk. He was specifically urging the chairperson to not stop a man who had already gone over his time, because he wanted that man to talk,” Lekota said.

Lekota who was seating next to Malema eventually got up and sat in another place.

Photo Credit- The Citizen

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