Lasizwe get dragged on US Twitter, and Mzansi decides to stay out of this one

JOHANNESBURG-  Internet sensation Lasizwe had a Twitter war with US counterpart  Jay Versace for allegedly copying his concepts on video skits.

South African Twitter users stayed out of the drama after Lasizwe posted a video skit, which he often does, the video was ignore by some, but when American Jay Versace accused him of copying him in everything he does, the 20 year old who has been called a comedic genius as his video’s are well loved by Hollywood stars.

Versace called Lasizwe out:

Lasizwe tried by all means to handled this accusation with grace, he Tweeted:

But twitter users did it buy it, and some started comparing the two’s video’s side by side and most found that Lasizwe video’s were similar to many other internet sensations, with timestamps showing that his video’s were mostly posted later.

Such as:

The American Twitter users were ready, and the floodgates on both sides opened after Jay Tweeted this:

South African Twitter users, comically did not claim he was one of there’s:

Photo Credit- TimesLive


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