Lasizwe responds to critics on his Forbes under 30 achievement

Social media may be all fun and games but there are moments that remind you that not everyone is happy about your success, especially if you are a public figure.

YouTube star Lasizwe Dambuza was reminded of this ugly reality following his announcement of making it on to the prestigious Forbes under 30 list.

The star braved some negative vibes, thanks to a post by controversial blogger Musa Khawula.

Around the time, when some inductees such as Musa Keys, Phupho Gumede and Lasizwe were going live with their big announcements, Khawula posted a checklist of the requirements for individuals to make it on to the prestigious list.

He posted the checklist along with a picture of the 23-year-old media personality.

Lasizwe was certainly not impressed with the tweet that was seemingly posted to take the shine away from his accomplishment.

“The fact that you took away such a precious moment for me to announce my Forbes accolade,” he said.

He also let Khawula know exactly what he thought about the controversial gossip blogger.

“I hope you heal from whatever traumatised you to be this vile, dark human being you are. @MusaKhawula.”

Fans rallied around him and showed him support with words of encouragement.

They reminded him to ignore the bad vibes while he tweeted that he wouldn’t allow people to downplay his achievement.

“I will not let people downplay this achievement. FORBES is a BIG deal…” tweeted Lasizwe.

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