Prison Cell Bars - Black and White

JOHANNESBURG – Correctional Services says that a total of 16 prisoners have escaped from the Johannesburg prison known as “Sun City”.

It is being reported that the prisoners broke through the iron bars of the prison windows, broke a portion of the wall and then escaped through the fence.

Spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo said, “They escaped through a pipe shaft and used an object to break the wall‚ then proceeded to the fence‚”

The group is allegeded to escape around 3am and it is unclear when officials noticed that prisoners had escaped.

The department said it is taking the escape seriously and a manhunt is underway to re-capture the prisoners.

Nxumalo said, “The department will later issue a detailed statement containing names and images of the escapees and is appealing to the public to assist with any information that could lead to their re-arrest.”

More details to follow.

Photo Credit- Times Live

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