Latest- Boksburg Heist- One suspect shot dead

BOKSBURG- Details of the Boksburg heist still remain unknown,  on Thursday morning an apparent heist on the East Rand in the early hours has left one suspect dead, the police have confirmed it was an attempted heist.

According to Eyewitness News (EWN) they have reported that witnesses on the scene say a cash van was targeted on the corner of Atlas Road and North Rand Road in Boksburg. Police Vish Nadioo said that there was a shootout between the suspects and guards.

“One suspect has been shot and killed and an AK47 rifle recovered. Also, a security guard was shot and wounded on his hand but I can confirm that no money was taken. We’re also starting to receive reports that some civilians may have been injured during this incident but it’s not confirmed as yet.”

Gauteng Michele Clark of the Democratic Alliance Community Safety spokesperson said,  “Between 5:30 and 6:00 this morning, I could hear AK47s go off and explosions going off very clearly and it sounded like it was happening closer to my home.”

Clark added, “One of the perpetrators had been fatally wounded. A bystander was injured but not seriously and apparently, the police acted very swiftly.”

A witness to the shooting said, “I was right in the middle of that, then there was a private security company with a Toyota Hilux, white man shooting right behind where we were… shooting towards the cash-in-transit van. We couldn’t see the van because there was smoke all over.”

Another witness who lives close to where the incident happened said, “From about 5:55 am until probably 6:05 am or longer, there have been automatic fire explosions coming from about 4 km from my house.”

Photo Credit- News24

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