Johannesburg- Former assistant coach Collan Rex has been sentenced at Palm Magistrates Court for sexual assault for 20 years and three years for common assault.

Judge Peet Johnson said the reason of the sentence is in discretion of the court and not the probation officer who compiled a report stating that Rex had difficulties growing up.

“When sentencing a person court looks beyond personal circumstances,” he said.

He said Rex’s convictions were severe and were directly linked to his conduct.

“The offenses that you have been found guilty of are serious,” he said.

Rex was charged with over 300 charges of sexual assault, the judge said, “I’ve never come a cross where a person has been found guilty of so many sexual assault counts. From the facts, you cannot be described in any other way but a serial sexual offender and sexual bully.”

Judge Johnson added, “The sentence should not be used to destroy you, although you have not shown mercy to your victims. ”

Photo credit- Mail & Guardian

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