JOHANNESBURG-  The so-called doom pastor has been found guilty of contravening the agricultural remedies act and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

The verdict was handed down in Mookgopong Magistrates Court on Friday.

Spokesperson Thabiso Teffo says government welcomes today’s guilty verdict.

“We’re excited on the basis that courts are able to realise that if we don’t do much more prevention, in the future we might have people suffering from various illnesses from this pastor spraying them with Doom. We hope there will be a clarion call to all those pastors who want to do similar acts.”

Lethebo Rabalago made headlines around the country after video emerged of him spraying his congregates with the toxic Doom insecticide, falsely claiming it would heal them of their illness or even cure them.

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Photo Credit- eNCA


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