Latest- Former Steinhoff boss won’t be answering questions in parliament- Lawyers

CAPE TOWN – Former Steinhoff CEO lawyers said he won’t be coming to Parliament to answer any questions.

Jooste was invited to appear before a joint meeting on Wednesday of four committees, including those of finance and public accounts.

But his lawyers say that appearing before the committees could put his right to a fair trial in jeopardy.

The Standing Committee on Finance, the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the Portfolio Committee on Public Administration and the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry have all received a letter from the lawyers representing Jooste, explains why he will not appear before the committees’ briefing on Steinhoff on Wednesday.

The explains why former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste will not attend parliamentary briefing on Steinhoff on Wednesday and in a letter‚ Jooste’s attorney Callie Albertyn of De Klerk & Van Gend noted that Jooste did not believe he could “meaningfully” assist the committee because he resigned as CEO on December 6. 

“In addition‚ the Financial Services Board (FSB) is currently in the process of investigating the Steinhoff matter. The FSB has summonsed our client in terms of the Financial Markets Act‚ no 19 of 2012‚ to be interrogated on a wide range of issues pertaining to Steinhoff‚” Albertyn’s letter said.

“Furthermore‚ as has been widely reported in the media‚ various criminal complaints were lodged with the South African Police Service against our client with regard to the Steinhoff matter. As you correctly state in your letter under reply‚ the Hawks have indicated that they are investigating criminal complaints against our client. All indications are that our client will probably be prosecuted with regard to the Steinhoff matter.

“Appearing before the committees to be questioned on Steinhoff will‚ in these circumstances‚ undermine our client’s right to a fair trial guaranteed in section 35(3) of the Constitution.”


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