OUAGADOUGOU- Gunmen have attacked the army’s headquarters in the capital of Burkina Faso on Friday as well as the downtown area and France’s embassy, the French ambassador said the explosion in the city was a terrorist attack.

Its unclear who carried out the attack in Burkina Faso but the country and other Western Countries have been targeted by jihadist groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State in the past few years.

Local news station in the country have shown images of black smoke coming from a building near in the city capital Onagagdougou and Reuters correspondent has reported that most people fled to the streets.

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Photo credit- New York Post

A witness at the scene Omar Zombre, told local TV: “We saw four people who were trying to enter the embassy on the east side. They were in civilian attire, with a kind of vest and backpacks with Kalashnikovs which were clearly visible.”

“So they tried, but they didn’t manage it and so they tried to enter from the west side. We saw that they had set a car on fire. When we went up [to the roof] we heard gunshots from an automatic weapon, [it was] very intense.”

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told LCI TV a local French television station there were, “no French casualties, as far as we’re aware”.”Attack underway at the French Embassy and French Institute. Stay hidden where you are.”

Photo Credit- Reuters

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