LATEST- High Court Rules in favor of grounding Gupta Jet

JOHANNESBURG- The South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has ruled in favour of the Canadian government’s Export Development Canada (EDC) to ground the Guptas’ private jet.

EDC had approached the court earlier this month to ask that the Gupta aircraft with a registration ZS-Oak to be de-registered and placed into safekeeping at a South African or British airport.

The court did rule that the jet must be handed over to EDC and kept in at the Lanseria airport in Johannesburg.

EDC did loan $41 million of their 52$ million purchase price in 2015 for the Gupta to buy the aircraft.

It further claimed that the continuation association with the Guptas is an enormous risk for their company.

They added they are concerned the Guptas may use the aircraft to escape from justice or use it for unlawful means.

EDC refused to accept payments from the Guptas the court heard. They alleged that the payments may have been used to fund any type of criminal activity.

Photo credit- EWN

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