JOHANNESBURG- An attorney Richard Spoor Incorporated Attorneys says 50 families of victims of listeriosis have made contact requesting to be represented in what could be a class action lawsuit.

The current death toll of the bacteria is over 180 people since the outbreak started last year and about a thousand people have been infected.

The Health Department has identified that the disease was found in Enterprise polony and Rainbow chicken as the source of listerisosis.

Richard Spoor has said that his team is collecting affidavits from affected families and finalizing documents to be filed by next week.

He said, “Mothers of small children who contracted this disease and pregnant women and their babies and the complications that go with it of those that have come past my desk in the last few days. But there may be others, they’re coming.”

Spoor did say that a full investigation by the Labour Department is needed.

The attorney is hoping to have engagements with unions representing workers at the factories that were affected.

Photo Credit-  Hotel Business

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