Leaked Recording- Zuma: “I am not going Anywhere”

JOHANNESBURG-  General Paul Mashatile, ANC Treasury General has been heard saying that the president said his is not going anywhere.

The reported leaked audio is reported to be the General voice, which he confirms that the president had refused to leave when they meet him on Sunday, as he told a group of people at the Mining Indada in Cape Town.

Mashatile said, “We don’t want two centres of power, we want president Ramaphosa to take control not only of the ANC but the affairs of the estate. We were very clear about it. The six of us were there. We came very late from Limpopo where we were to meet with him and have dinner with him.”

“Our view as the leadership of the ANC is that the sooner the President of the republic steps down for the new leadership to take over the better. Then we have certainty of policies, of direction, there will be no confusion.”

LISTEN: Mashatile: Zuma said to us ‘I’m not going anywhere’




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