JOHANNESBURG- Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) released a report on Thursday that detailed that in 2017 General Household Survey that less than 17% of South Africans households have medical aid.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi is briefing the media about the approved National Health Insurance (NHI) in cabinet. NHI goal is to bring healthcare coverage to the entire country, where the rich will subsidise for the poor and the young subsidise for the old.

The health minister warned the implementation of the NHI will not be easy and he is ready for the backlash.

Isabelle Schmidt from Stats SA said access to medical aid is determined by wealth.

She said, “We see that coverage is best in our wealthiest provinces in South Africa, which is in the Western Cape, where we find around the quarter of the population has access to medical aid. The lowest is Limpopo and Eastern Cape where less than 10% have access to medical aid.”

According to their report 70% of South Africans  households use public health services.

“In most cases, South Africans still go to public health facilities as the first port of call when they are sick or need medical attention. Only 27% of the South African population use private facilities.”

Photo Credit- EWN

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