Lesufi sends a warning to school patrollers

JOHANNESBURG – Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has urged all school patrollers to take their jobs seriously and restore dignity back in the sector.

Speaking to school guards in the South of Johannesburg on Sunday, Lesufi warned that any school patroller who abuse learners in any form, emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually would face the full might of the law.

Lesufi met with school guards following a string of sexual abuses which were reported at various schools in the province, allegedly by school guards.

He expressed disappointment to some security guards who have the nerve to sexually abuse innocent and defenseless children, including primary pupils.

Lesufi said such behavior would not be tolerated and anyone involved will be hunted and jailed for a long time.

The emotional and angry MEC said, “We’ll hunt you and we’ll ask the police to send you to a long-term sentence in jail.”

Lesufi also highlighted that the government will be introducing a new code of conduct which security guards and everyone responsible for safety of schools must adhere to.

“How you greet people, how you conduct yourselves, how you talk to other people and how you protect our children,” he said.

He also said all school guards should be re-vetted for them to be allowed into any school across the Gauteng province as from January 2018.

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