Letoya says her ex physically assaulted her father

Last week actress and musician Letoya Makhene spoke out about the abuse she “suffered at the hands of her family and ex Tshepo.”

Following reports, Letoya confirmed that she and her wife Lebo were assaulted by Tshepo Leeuw and his family.

Over the weekend the actress posted that Tshepo assaulted her dad.

“I left him, he came to my home and demanded to see me and talk to me and my Father refused and he physically assaulted my father. Now he has assaulted my Wife,” she wrote.

“All three of us suffered abuse at the hands of one man and he’s still freely roaming the streets. Wa nyela this guy struuu. I am angry and livid and don’t feel protected by the law.”

Comforting Letoya, Monea said she “relates to her pain” and told her she has her “full support”.

An angry Letoya said she doesn’t feel safe and protected by the law.

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