JOHANNESBURG – The Chief Executive of South African insurer Liberty Holdings said its customers did not appear to have suffered any financial losses after the company reported earlier on Sunday that it had become the victim of a cyber-attack.

According to Liberty external party claimed to have taken data from it and demanded payment.

David Munro CEO of Liberty said at  a press briefing, “To be clear, at this stage there is no evidence that any of our customers have suffered any financial loss. We will proactively inform our customers individually if and when we discover that they may have been impacted.”

Munro said on Sunday first became aware of the cyber-attack that possibly compromised customers’ data late on Thursday evening, two days before informing their customers on Saturday evening. He also said they will be conducting an advanced investigation into the hack.

He said, “It really did take us a couple of days, which is Friday and the morning of Saturday, to get to the point where we felt we should inform customers that we understood the implications of the extortion attempt and that we were in a position to move into the public domain,”

“It did take 36 hours to do that. These are often complex matters that are often difficult to understand, and the authenticity of the allegations has to be verified before we go into the public domain. We took our time. We felt that we acted responsibly.”

But Munro wouldn’t reveal if the breach might have been an inside job, the demand’s from hacker’s, or how the company has communicated with them.

Photo Credit- EWN

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