Lions remain SA’s ‘top dog’- Ledesma

CAPE TOWN- Jaguares coach Mario Ledesma believes the Lions will be again this season the strongest South African team in Super Rugby.

Under the tenure of Johan Ackermann the Lions have been finalist in the last two editions and have lost.

Ackermannn had left his coaching position last season to join Gloucester in England and his assistant Swys de Bruin has taken over.

Ledesma said in an interview with Sport24, “Last Saturday, we played against what I think is the best team in South Africa,”

He added, “The Lions have been dominating the conference for the last couple of years. They remain really confident despite the fact that they have lost their mentor in Johan Ackermann. I believe that momentum will last for a few months and maybe later they are going to try to find a different way but, right now from what I have seen from them, the Lions are exactly the same animal.”

“The Lions really believe in what they are doing and they play the same way against any team in Super Rugby. Physically, the Lions are one of the toughest teams to come up against in South African rugby. It’s not only due to their size and power but because they are fit and well-conditioned,” he said.

Photo Credit- LaWeek

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