Lira can read, write and talk 3 months after stroke

South African songstress, Lira, is now able to read, write and talk 3 months after suffering a stroke.

Requiring a little bit of patience when speaking, Lira’s recovery since her health scare has been slow but she’s doing well.

Giving fans an update, Lira shared that she’s proud of herself for how far she’s come since.

The singer suffered a stroke whilst in Germany for a performance in April, a month after her 43rd birthday.

“I’ve made such awesome progress. I’m proud of myself and I give thanks to God. Your prayers have been massively appreciated.

I can talk now, although I need a little patience. I can read and I can write. I am doing so well!” she said.

Earlier this month, she shared that she was fortunate the stroke did not affect her physically. Although she could walk, her ability to speak was affected. As a result, she is not able to perform but she remains positive that she will be back stronger than ever.

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